HP Wireless TV Connect
Enjoy photos, high-def movies, YouTube videos, and music from your laptop on your home entertainment system with our Wireless TV Connect. The Wireless Home Display Interface (WHDI) certification ensures that your HP wireless TV connect device will work with other WHDI certified devices available. 
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HP Wireless TV Connect 2

For users who want to bring the 3-D experience into their living room, the latest generation of the HP Wireless TV Connect allows users to stream both 2-D and 3-D content from a PC directly to a television. WHDI™ certified, it features a smaller design for greater mobility while still delivering HD video with virtually no latency. Simply plug the receiver into a PC's HDMI port to instantly stream HD and 3-D movies, games and web applications directly to a television.

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F7D4516 Screencast AV 4 Wireless
The Belkin ScreenCast AV 4 lets you wirelessly connect up to four AV devices to your HDTV without cluttering your entertainment space with cables. Connect Blu-ray players, game consoles, DVRs, and any other HDMI-enabled device to the ScreenCast AV 4 using an HDMI cable and you're ready to go. You can even store your devices in a separate room from your TV and still remain connected. It also supports 5.1-channel surround sound so you get the most out of your movies and music. Compatible with 2D and 3D video resolutions up to 1080p, this adapter is an ideal accessory for wall-mounted TVs.
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  The ultimate solution to connect your HD devices WIRELESSLY to your TV. This device enables wireless connectivity of any uncompressed HD video and Audio. It can be wirelessly connected from any HD source device, such as Desktop PCs, Laptops, Blu-Ray players, STBs, and game consoles etc, to any HD display device such as LCD/Plasma TVs and Projectors etc. Share High Definition content among all devices in full coverage, no line of sight required.  
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WHDI or Wireless Home Digital Interface is the one of the best way for you to stream full HD contents wirelessly from let’s say your living room to your kitchen or bedroom without quality loss. And today I-O Data announced the WTR-HDAV/A their latest WHDI solution that will allow you to stream 1080p video along side as PMC, AC3 and DTS audio at 96kHz.
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   WAVI Ultra-fast interactive PC multimedia entertainment in the living room
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   Galaxy GTX460 WHDI
   The Galaxy 60XGH6YY3TXG GeForce GTX 460 WHDI Edition Video Card features WHDI™ (Wireless Home Digital Interface). WHDI™ is the new wireless High Definition video standard that will change the way people use Audio/Video devices in the home. The WHDI is first in its class, and the only standard that enables top-quality wireless uncompressed HD video delivery throughout the home, allowing users to connect any source in the home to any display.
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 Gigabyte SkyVision WS100
HD Video Sync On-the-Go, experience it and love it. Full plug and play wireless HDMI transmitter allows seamless wireless transmission of your 1080p media from any HDMI-ready device.
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   Product Name: Nyrius ARIES™ Pro Wireless HD for Laptops
Model #: NPCS550
Product Name: Nyrius ARIES™ Prime Wireless HD Transmitter
Model #: NPCS549
Product Name: Nyrius ARIES™ Home HD Wireless Transmitter
Model #: NAVS500

Product Name: Nyrius ARIES™ Home+ HD Wireless Transmitter
Model #: NAVS501
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